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Missions and ministry are simply about laid-down passion at the foot of the cross, praying, “Possess me, Holy Spirit, that I might be conformed into the image of Jesus. Let me reflect the majesty of who He is.” Let Jesus love you first so that you can love others as He did. When you lose yourself inside His huge heart, you find only pure joy in Him.
Heidi Baker, Compelled by Love (via godmoves)

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My wife is ridiculously awesome!

Why is my wife ridiculously awesome? Well, one reason amongst many, is that throughout the whole 2012 election “season”, she has been very tolerable of my rants… I ranted about both candidates in long form(admittedly more of Obama than Romney, since I know and deal with more Obama supporters), I ranted about the VP and the VP wannabe, but most of all I ranted about all our friends and family and how this election was changing them. I know it was a task for her to keep cool, but she did. I took every opportunity to explain why I was not voting and she still voted. I love her for that! She allowed me to sound off and yet kept her own mind. You know how many people can NOT do that? It is a gift, a rare, priceless gift…And I’m married to it.

I struggle to keep God first in my life, to keep the mission before my eyes, to remember that tomorrow is not promised, to see and treat people as He would have me to see them. That s why I struggled through this election, watching the people of God disrespect, diminish, degrade others all while cursing, being belligerent and intolerant towards other souls. On Facebook, I saw people unfriending people, name calling and talking about who they hate. So, it was a burden for me, and my wife helped me share that burden.

Now the election is over and there is an initial smack talking period that will need to take place. People who voted for President Obama are happy and calm (for the most part), and people who voted for Governor Romney are quiet this evening. People who voted 3rd party had already somewhat braced for defeat against the 2 party system in America, but are glad they went out. Basically, everything will go back to business as usual. Except for me, the guy that didn’t vote because I believed in no candidate, did not feel comfortable with not knowing the lesser-knowns well enough to cast a vote for them (my fault, I know) and did not like the spiritual thoughts and actions from the supporters of the main presidency candidates… the guy who saw things and heard things from preachers that should not be done from pulpits or in bulletins or anywhere on God’s time. For me it’s not over, because I saw the enemy working on us all, and he is by no means done. I believe I have received insight as to what needs to be done, and what needs to be done, is even MORE emphasis on the preaching of the cross, and less on getting our finances together…and whatever else is all-fired important to us on a day to day basis. Christians need to be Christians and stop being “hip” and trying to be down in the world…. We need to stop letting the enemy silence us because of ridicule and/or threats. We need to spam the world with the gospel of Christ in word AND in deed. That is what HAS to happen. It’s what is important.

I tell you what else is important… my marriage! So, by the time next election rolls around, there needs to be an impact, so that I can be less vocal to my ridiculously awesome wife about these things, because I don’t know how much more she can take!! ;-)

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